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Case Studies



4088-Palermo Professional Centre-Plan_Re
4088-Palermo Professional Centre-027_Res

Features of the streetscape include a pedestrian promenade, streetscape furnishings, layby parking, and street trees.  The inclusion of street trees within the boulevard necessitated the use of Silva Cell; a continuous soil system to provide sufficient soil volume for trees in urban areas.  


The Silva Cells were installed beneath the boulevard, which was finished with permeable unit pavers to allow Stormwater to percolate into the continuous soil system below. Provisions were also made for manual watering of the entire soil trench from a single port at the base of the trees to account for periods of drought.


Iovate Office Building Tree Preservation

The Iovate building is a recently constructed office building located in a commercial/industrial development in Oakville. Strybos Barron King was the Arborist and Landscape Architect responsible for preparing the vegetation assessment and landscape design.  The site contains many mature Red Oak trees which were considered high priority for preservation due to their desirable native species classification, good health, and good structure.  

3286-Iovate-Image 4_Resized.jpg
3286-Iovate-Image 3_Resized.jpg

Palermo Professional Centre Streetscape

Strybos Barron King was retained as the Landscape Architect for the Palermo Professional Centre at the intersection of Old Bronte Road and Dundas Street in Oakville.  As the first development guided by the recently adopted 'Old Bronte Road / Khalsa Gate Streetscape Plan,' Strybos Barron King set the precedent for future streetscape projects along the Old Bronte Road corridor. 

4088-Palermo Professional Centre-DSC0112
4088-Palermo Professional Centre-DSC0135
3286-Iovate-Image 5_Resized.jpg

Strybos Barron King was instrumental in providing building and parking lot siting for maximum tree preservation. Root protection zones, drainage, and canopy protection measures were all taken into account.  In addition to a preservation plan, Strybos Barron King developed a naturalization scheme for much of the site that included native grassland and a native meadow.  The combination of preserved mature vegetation, naturalized areas, and a contemporary building and landscape design resulted in a balanced, harmonious space that is an excellent model for tree preservation in the urban environment.

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