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With a staff of 22 skilled individuals, our office is capable of providing a complete design service including concept design, illustrative sketches, and detailed construction drawings.


Our design process begins with an initial client consultation to establish the project goals and requirements.  After the initial consultation, a site inventory, analysis, and vegetation assessment is performed to determine site opportunities and constraints.  Following the analysis phase, our design team produces concept plans and sketches for review by the project team.  At this stage a costing analysis is also performed to determine an appropriate fit for design and budget.


The final design is a result of the refinement of the concept design through coordination with project team members.  The production of detailed working drawings and detailed cost estimating forms the final phase of the design process.


For the construction phase, our qualified contract administrators provide site supervision to ensure the constructed landscape conforms to the accepted plans.  Our collaborative design approach ensures that our designs evolve from initial concept to inspiring landscapes of enduring quality and exceptional value.

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