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Welcome to the 2021 Princess Margaret Lottery Home in Oakville

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

We are honoured to be part of this amazing project once again this year with PCM.

PCM is a fantastic builder to work with. They always strive to ensure that their construction is top quality and this home is a great example of that. This 2021 Lottery Home whispers a French Renaissance design with a central courtyard surrounded by a beautiful patio and a centralized pool along with a seating area and a pergola. The back yard is made beautiful by a simple design. Everything is surrounded in green vegetation, boxwood hedges, which really complement the fringe design quite nicely in the backyard space.

The back yard hosts a UNiLOCK Granito product with a block muntoni border. In the front yard we have the promenade plank with the El Campo finish and a light gray color that encompasses the driveway area along with a small front yard courtyard. And then moving down to the driveway we have a poured-in-place concrete driveway finished by Bomanite, a beautifully stamped finished product. The stone cutting, craftsmanship and planting quality really make this corner home stand out.

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